• Home Loans

    We perform a free credit analysis to determine if you qualify for a home loan, guiding you every step of the process while advising you on how to resolve the issues that may be affecting your credit score.

  • International Buyers:

    We offer assistance to foreign investors and buyers looking into purchasing a home or condo , in the State of Florida, for investment or personal use.

  • Components of your monthly payment:

    • Principal. The amount you pay towards the principal balance of the loan.
    • Interest. The amount the lender/bank is charging you for the loan.
    • Taxes. Tax paid on the Ad Valorem Tax or property taxable value “can be paid annually or included with your monthly payment” which ever you prefer.
    • Insurance. Payment to insure the property. (Can be paid annually or you can have it include with your monthly payment.Whichever you prefer.)